5 Great Tips to Succeed With Physical Therapy

When a professional athlete suffers an injury late in their career, many times the reason they instantly retire is because of the daunting physical therapy that awaits them. If a man or woman in peak physical condition struggles with rehabilitation, how is the everyday blue-collar worker supposed to succeed? It’s true; the therapy is tough and takes an emotional and physical toll on the body. Another fact that resounds with a therapy plan is that it works and is worth it. If a patient can successfully recover from a devastating injury or corrective surgery, they can overcome almost any obstacle in life.

Get Past the Injury

It’s easy for a person to dwell on the past and feel sorry for themselves about a freak injury. Unfortunately, there’s nothing he or she can do to change the past. To have success with physical therapy in Nashua NH, a patient must let go of history and instead change the future.

Take Rehab Slownew_hampshire_physical_therapy

Even when a patient is super motivated to get back on the field or return to the job site, sometimes rest is the most important part of a physical therapy plan. It takes time for surgical procedures to heal and rushing into exercise right away can actually cause a setback that is more frustrating than the initial injury.

Use the Best Facilities

OPT Physical Therapy has the equipment that can help a person succeed with their rehab. It’s important to use the latest health care technologies to get the most out of a physical therapy plan. Besides using the latest cutting edge exercise equipment, proper focus should be paid to the post-workout methods as well. Massage therapy and electrical stimulation can immediately cut down the recovery time so that the next workout is only days away.

Set Realistic Goals

A physical therapist in NH will state that a key part in recovery is setting goals. That being said, the goals should be realistic as to not break a patient’s spirits. A good goal setting plan involves setting sub-tasks with the big picture goal in mind at the end of the tunnel.

Enroll a Sponsor

It might sound like a plan that only somebody with addiction problems would put into action but a sponsor or mentor can greatly help with succeeding in physical therapy. A patient has to understand that there will be setbacks on his or her journey back, it’s almost a guarantee. When the patient feels like quitting their therapy, a call to the sponsor can get them back on track. Whether the mentor provides an emotional pep talk or volunteers to go work out with the patient, a voice besides the therapist can be extremely beneficial.

The thing that physical therapy patients should know is that it is very possible to find success in the program. The professionally trained therapists at OPT: Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associates & Wellness Center, Inc. will give each person all the tools they need to reach their goals. With individual sessions and customized therapy paths, most patients regain full use of the surgically repaired areas of their body and in some cases come back stronger. To get started on the path to recovery or get in depth knowledge of the services offered, give us a call today.