5 Reasons to Consider Physical Therapy Over Surgery

There are a number of reasons you might have to choose between physical therapy and surgery or other invasive options. When it comes to choosing between all of these options you have to consider your personal physical condition and what you expect out of your life. What one doctor might think is an acceptable range of motion or limitation might not work for you if you have a particular job or hobby that requires something different. The great thing about physical therapy is so much depends on you and the work you put into it.

See How Far You Can Get

First and foremost, physical therapy should be used to see how strong you can get without surgery. This often helps set the tone for what you need and what you expect. While world class athletes often need to jump back in right away, most people can try to build up their strength before committing to surgery. You might find you are happy with the results and can avoid intervention altogether.

Avoid Future Surgeries

What one surgery fixes often causes trouble down the road. The younger you are, the more you have to worry about what foreign bodies will do to your system or what might happen as you age. Physical therapy can help you avoid such issues and might save you many surgeries later on.

Avoid Additional Medications

When you have surgery you are going to end up on a variety of pain medications. These are not good for your liver and can have addictive qualities. Choosing physical therapy can lessen the toll on your body chemically and help you overcome obstacles more naturally.

Build Your Strength

When you work on physical therapy you build your muscles and your body finds a way to accommodate your new limitations. If you just have surgery, your body goes back to what it always did and it might not work the same with new pieces or re-sectioning what currently exists.

Less Down Time

While it might seem like physical therapy is going to take longer, the recovery process after surgery is extensive. You don’t realize how long it will take after everything is “fixed” to gain your strength back. If you stick with physical therapy you can often be back to full range of motion much more quickly. Besides, you are going to have to go to physical therapy after your surgery anyway.

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