If you need physical therapy, you know that your doctor has recommended places for you to go. Sometimes they are in the same office and sometimes they aren’t, but as a client you should look into the place you might be going to, to find out about the therapists and the work they do.
The Norm
The norm for physical therapy offices is lots of patients and only basic movements that help, but aren’t always the newest or best therapies for the injury. With lots of clients, these offices can seem impersonal and their help might mean it takes longer to heal because of the basic exercises.
What You Need
You need personal care with the newest and best techniques to help you get better, faster. Anyone who has gone through physical therapy knows that it can be difficult. Sometimes it hurts your work schedule and it is just uncomfortable. When you get personal care with a therapist who knows you and the problems you are having, you will be reassured that they are working their hardest to help you get better and get back to your life. In Nashua, life can be fast paced and you need help from your physical therapist to get back into the rhythm of your life.
OPT Physical Therapy is different from other physical therapy offices. They give individual attention and work to fit your schedule. Not only do they understand that it can be tough to need physical therapy, but they work hard so they can help you get back to your life as quickly as possible. Appointments are given within 24 hours of your call and the therapists are always learning the newest techniques to help you. NH physical therapy at its best, OPT has great service and loves to help out its clients to make their lives better, faster.

Therapeutic Services

Each physical therapist at OPT has attended advanced post graduate courses to offer treatment for a variety of therapeutic services.


OPT Difference

At OPT we pride ourselves on offering unmatched service and personalized care for all of our patients.