Your clear choice for personalized care and fast recovery

Your clear choice for personalized care and fast recovery

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Movement Matters

When you undergo a surgery or are involved in a serious accident, an intense physical therapy plan is often prescribed as part of the recovery process. Often, however, patients’ get discouraged with the slow progress they seem to be making and fail to complete their physical therapy. It’s important to expect many highs and lows over the course of your rehabilitation. Just because progress seems slow doesn’t mean your body isn’t healing. Sometimes it takes a long time for benefits to be noticeable. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to quicken your rehabilitation and avoid discouragement. Take a look at some of these traps below:


Depending on which area of the body the injury or surgery has occurred, the rehabilitation plans can be limited. There are only so many ways to stretch out an ankle or run on a treadmill. Orthopedic Physical Therapy offers diverse physical therapy in NH to help patients avoid falling into doldrums associated with repetitive exercises. By developing a plan that involves a variety of resistance, strength building, and recovery, we help patients avoid the trap of monotony and find success.


In order to get results, patients must work hard which can result in soreness in the affected area and complimentary muscle groups. While it’s important to set high goals, we encourage our patients to listen closely to their body’s limits. Increased soreness can not only tempt a patient to quit the program, it can be a sign of damage to body areas that are overcompensating. Talk with your physical therapist about any soreness you might be having. There are a variety of things we can do to make your rehabilitation more comfortable such as reducing the intensity, massages, electro-stimulation, and other techniques that relax and repair the muscles.

Therapist Issues

In order to benefit from your physical therapy you must be able to trust the therapist.  Your therapist will be able to monitor your progress closely and recommend changes to your program as needed. You will also develop a report with your therapist; they won’t push you too far and will strive to carefully explain your exercises.

We want you to get the most out of your physical therapy and return to normal as quickly as possible. To that end, we are always improving our techniques and customer service. Don’t forget we offer convenient appointment slots including: early morning, over lunch, and evening sessions. Furthermore, OPT works with a number of health care providers and all major insurance companies to keep your care affordable. If you have any other questions or would like to schedule an appointment contact the offices at (603) 881-5554 or visit

When a professional athlete suffers an injury late in their career, many times the reason they instantly retire is because of the daunting physical therapy that awaits them. If a man or woman in peak physical condition struggles with rehabilitation, how is the everyday blue-collar worker supposed to succeed? It’s true; the therapy is tough and takes an emotional and physical toll on the body. Another fact that resounds with a therapy plan is that it works and is worth it. If a patient can successfully recover from a devastating injury or corrective surgery, they can overcome almost any obstacle in life.

Get Past the Injury

It’s easy for a person to dwell on the past and feel sorry for themselves about a freak injury. Unfortunately, there’s nothing he or she can do to change the past. To have success with physical therapy in Nashua NH, a patient must let go of history and instead change the future.

Use the Best Facilities

OPT Physical Therapy has the equipment that can help a person succeed with their rehab. It’s important to use the latest health care technologies to get the most out of a physical therapy plan. Besides using the latest cutting edge exercise equipment, proper focus should be paid to the post-workout methods as well. Massage therapy and electrical stimulation can immediately cut down the recovery time so that the next workout is only days away.

Set Realistic Goals

A physical therapist in NH will state that a key part in recovery is setting goals. That being said, the goals should be realistic as to not break a patient’s spirits. A good goal setting plan involves setting sub-tasks with the big picture goal in mind at the end of the tunnel.

Enroll a Sponsor

It might sound like a plan that only somebody with addiction problems would put into action but a sponsor or mentor can greatly help with succeeding in physical therapy. A patient has to understand that there will be setbacks on his or her journey back, it’s almost a guarantee. When the patient feels like quitting their therapy, a call to the sponsor can get them back on track. Whether the mentor provides an emotional pep talk or volunteers to go work out with the patient, a voice besides the therapist can be extremely beneficial.

The thing that physical therapy patients should know is that it is very possible to find success in the program. The professionally trained therapists at OPT: Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associates & Wellness Center, Inc. will give each person all the tools they need to reach their goals. With individual sessions and customized therapy paths, most patients regain full use of the surgically repaired areas of their body and in some cases come back stronger. To get started on the path to recovery or get in depth knowledge of the services offered, give us a call today.

There are a number of reasons you might have to choose between physical therapy and surgery or other invasive options. When it comes to choosing between all of these options you have to consider your personal physical condition and what you expect out of your life. What one doctor might think is an acceptable range of motion or limitation might not work for you if you have a particular job or hobby that requires something different. The great thing about physical therapy is so much depends on you and the work you put into it.

See How Far You Can Get

First and foremost, physical therapy should be used to see how strong you can get without surgery. This often helps set the tone for what you need and what you expect. While world class athletes often need to jump back in right away, most people can try to build up their strength before committing to surgery. You might find you are happy with the results and can avoid intervention altogether.

Avoid Future Surgeries

What one surgery fixes often causes trouble down the road. The younger you are, the more you have to worry about what foreign bodies will do to your system or what might happen as you age. Physical therapy can help you avoid such issues and might save you many surgeries later on.

Avoid Additional Medications

When you have surgery you are going to end up on a variety of pain medications. These are not good for your liver and can have addictive qualities. Choosing physical therapy can lessen the toll on your body chemically and help you overcome obstacles more naturally.

Build Your Strength

When you work on physical therapy you build your muscles and your body finds a way to accommodate your new limitations. If you just have surgery, your body goes back to what it always did and it might not work the same with new pieces or re-sectioning what currently exists.

Less Down Time

While it might seem like physical therapy is going to take longer, the recovery process after surgery is extensive. You don’t realize how long it will take after everything is “fixed” to gain your strength back. If you stick with physical therapy you can often be back to full range of motion much more quickly. Besides, you are going to have to go to physical therapy after your surgery anyway.

Take Rehab Slow

Even when a patient is super motivated to get back on the field or return to the job site, sometimes rest is the most important part of a physical therapy plan. It takes time for surgical procedures to heal and rushing into exercise right away can actually cause a setback that is more frustrating than the initial injury.

OPT Physical Therapy is there to help you set and reach your goals. The skilled workers can help guide your therapy in a direction yielding the best results in the most efficient manner possible. The more work you put in, the better your results will be. You feel in charge of your recovery and it gives you a sense of purpose to getting past your injury. It doesn’t take long to see why places like have become the standard of care in the Nashua, New Hampshire area. Make an appointment to receive a consult today and see where you could be in as little as four weeks.

Physical therapy is a type of treatment methodology that centers on minimizing or eliminating a variety of ailments, while also lowering the risk of recurrences. Typically, this type of therapy will give a patient the opportunity to lead a happier, healthier life, by easing discomfort related to accidents, injuries or chronic health issues, such as arthritis, lower back pain or cerebral palsy.

Improves Mobility

If you’re suffering from loss of mobility due to discomfort, illness or injury, then finding the right physical therapy clinic will assist you in getting the effective treatment that you really need. A capable physical therapist will provide an excellent standard of care that will assist you in accessing greater flexibility, improved balance and enhanced coordination. Techniques used in physical therapy include special exercises that may or may not require the usage of fitness equipment.

Eases Pain

Many men, women and children who seek out physical therapy due so in order to access pain relief. If you’re suffering from stiffness, sore muscles and other forms of musculoskeletal discomfort, you will find that physical therapy provides deep, long-lasting relief that is quite significant. Some courses of physical therapy may completely eliminate discomfort. Others will dramatically reduce pain, while also preventing it from returning. Since patients will also be taught self-care techniques that they may utilize after their courses of physical therapy end, pain relief benefits may be long-lasting and even life-changing.

Makes Recovery Time Shorter

Whether a patient suffers from illnesses or injuries or both, it may be possible to significantly shorten recovery time through physical therapy. Usually, injuries or health conditions involving the muscles, ligaments or joints will respond positively to regular physical therapy. Stiffness, lack of mobility and the inability to exercise may result from illnesses or injuries. Competent physical therapists know which techniques to use in order to ease these symptoms, thereby shortening recovery time.

Works for All Sorts of People

Since there are different types of physical therapy, it is possible for people from all walks of life to enjoy these important health care services. Examples of different types of physical therapy include orthopedic physical therapy, pediatric physical therapy, geriatric physical therapy, neurological physical therapy and speech therapy. Physical therapy is practiced in private clinics and in local hospitals.

How to Find the Best Nashua New Hampshire Physical Therapist

If you’re looking for physical therapy in Nashua, NH, you’ll appreciate all that OPT Physical Therapy has to offer. Since 1987, this respected physical therapy provider has offered patients access to the most caring, professional and effective services. Every patient will receive a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan that is created by a skilled and licensed physical therapist.

To find out more about this clinic and our full spectrum of physical therapy services, be sure to reach out to our team of specialists today. You may connect with the team at OPT physical therapy by emailing us via our official website, or by calling us at: (603) 881-5554.

With insurance comes restrictions but it’s always good to know what you get to choose on your own. You choose your doctor and when you need to see a specialist, you can choose from a list with the most insurance. The more you know about where you’re going, the better your decision will be. Maybe your doctor recommends someone but they might not be the best for you. Your right to decide starts with your decision to look into where you’re going.



You have the right to look into your choices. With high copays and expenses your choices might seem limited but finding the right doctor for any occasion is worth it. Some recommendations might not work for you and you’ll go home feeling dissatisfied with the doctor and the amount you paid. You have the choice to find the right doctor for you.

Doing your Homework

No matter what kind of doctor you’re looking for, physical therapist or podiatrist, you can find it if you know how to look. Look into what people have said. Go into the office yourself. Speak with your doctor at length about what you’re looking for and discuss your options. The copays might change depending on the office, but it is all up to you.

The Right Choice

Once you’ve made the right choice you’ll know. The right doctors know what they’re talking about and can help you heal faster. If you’re looking for a physical therapist they can help you with cutting edge techniques and if you need someone to check out your feet, they can give you the best options. We waste time on the wrong doctors and leave disappointed, only to try another office in the hopes of finding the right one. When you do your homework you can find the best doctors without any disappointment.

When you’re injured you want to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. Physical therapy helps you get back to your normal life quickly and the best physical therapists help you reach your goal of normalcy. Not only do they get to know you, they know their craft so well that they can get you back to your life quickly.

Finding the best in NH

New Hampshire has many different physical therapy offices and finding the right one might seem daunting. When you’re looking for the best, knowing what to look for is key. The best physical therapists in NH have a solid background in their field. They also keep learning throughout their career to better help you. A therapist who only knows a couple stretches might help a little, but it’s best to know every new and cutting edge way to help you get back to your life. Your doctor might recommend one physical therapist but doing your homework can lead you to the people you truly want to work with. The best physical therapists give you the most for your money.
A great physical therapist knows the area and the ways you could strain yourself. With this information they can help you to avoid any more injuries and can help to keep you safe. They understand your life and your needs and can help your injury grow stronger so you can get back to your life with a strong body and mind.

OPT Physical Therapists

At OPT Physical Therapy the therapists are the best. They know and love their craft which helps you to get better faster. They know how to help you heal and how to help you in the bad NH weather that comes around in the winter. Injuries are normal and they understand that. They want to get to know you so they can help you to get back into your life without worry. Working with OPT is the best choice when you’re injured and want to get back on your feet.

As winter approaches so does the threat of bad weather and with that can come the possibility of getting hurt. Whether you’re walking into your office in a slush covered parking lot or you’re simply going to get the mail on your icy driveway, there is no way to be sure that you won’t fall. Many injuries can come from cold weather and from falls in the winter months. No matter how careful you are you might still get injured.


A fall can hurt your legs, arms or head depending on how you land. Sprained ankles happen during the winter months from slipping and trying to catch yourself while real falls can cause real damage. Broken or sprained arms, concussions and hurt backs can all slow you down in your daily life. While you fight to be safe during this colder season, you can’t always guarantee that you won’t get hurt.
When you’re injured you want to get back to your life quickly but the injury can hinder you. In New Hampshire the weather can volatile and you might need help to get back on your feet. Physical therapy in New Hampshire can help you get back on your feet quickly. The right physical therapist can help you get back to your life quickly by helping to heal your injury.

OPT in Nashua

OPT Physical Therapy in Nashua is the answer to those winter pains. At OPT they are trained to work with a number of injuries. Not only do they know the basic stretches that can get you back to regular motion, they also know the newest and best techniques to help heal that winter sprain. Physical therapists in NH should know about the seasons and the different injuries that can happen. With OPT, you are good hands. They understand the problems with winter in NH and can help you get back to your life quickly.

There are many issues that can be handled with physical therapy. Some you might not know you have or might not know how to handle. With this list of injuries that could use therapy you can decide if finding a physical therapist in NH is right for you.

TMJ: TMJ is a jaw problem that causes headaches and makes it hard for the jaw to open fully. This problem can come from a stressful lifestyle and teeth grinding. With a tissue massage, soft foods and stress reduction this problem can be helped. Physical therapy can help it to heal quicker and make it easier to avoid.

Whiplash: Whiplash comes from a car accident where the head is jerked around quickly. This can cause neck pain, lack of movement in the neck and muscle spasms. Ice, heat, tissue massages and gentle stretches can be done to help this problem.

Hamstring Strains: This is a common problem. The hamstring is used to help move your legs and if you are tired or off balance, you can strain the hamstring. With this strain can come bleeding and pain. Sometimes crutches are needed but wrapping the area is the first step to fixing the problem. With stretches and help, the hamstring can get back to normal. A professional is needed to decide when it is time to get back on the leg.

Tennis Elbow: Named because it is a common injury in tennis players, this happens either when you hold your racket wrong or when you use your hands too much. It is caused by strain. Pain in the elbow is the first sign of tennis elbow and it can take a while to heal because of inflammation. Icing the muscle can help and physical therapy can help to heal it quickly.

You are looking into physical therapy and checking out the offices around the area. In Nashua, your doctor might recommend their own offices for your physical therapy but that might not be the best choice for you. You want personalized care that works with your life and is convenient for you. It’s time for you to do your research and to know what to look for.
• Personal care: You want personalized care. Your therapist should know you, your life style and how much pressure you put on your injury on a daily basis. If you work in retail and you’ve hurt your wrist, you want them to know you’re picking up things all day so they can help to strengthen the injury. If it’s your legs, you want them to know you’re on your feet all day so the strength training can help to keep your legs strong.
• More than the basics: There are many different techniques that can help you and you want a physical therapist that can give you more than the basic stretches. Your life is complicated and your therapist will know what is best to help you get back into the swing of it all. The basics are great, but the newer and better techniques can help you get better, faster.
• Convenience: This is something that in today’s society we understand. We’re on our feet, we’re rushing and we’re worrying all day long. Having a convenient time and place to help your body heal can make the rush of the day a little easier. Instead of worrying over getting to your appointment, your therapist should be able to help you find a time that works for you. Easy access to your therapy can help to heal you faster.
• Insurance coverage: This can be the most important part. Your insurance may cover what your doctor recommends, so what if you choose an office that your insurance doesn’t cover? Well if you have a major insurance company, this shouldn’t be a problem. Many physical therapy offices in NH will take any major insurance, so there’s no need to compromise.

As a patient, you have a right to choose what doctor you go to, what insurance you have and where you go for care when you’re referred. Doctors will send you to different physical therapists to help out certain problems, but it’s your right as a patient to decide where you want to go.

Finding your therapist

Your doctor might send you to one place, but you need to do your research to help you find the right place for you. You are a unique person and your life can’t stop because you have an injury. Your physical therapist will understand this and be able to help you not just find the right time for your appointments so they don’t mess up your schedule, but also help you get better as quickly as possible.
When you’re injured, life doesn’t stop and you still have to drive to work, pick up your kids, do your errands and take out your pets. An injury can’t disturb your life and your physical therapist should understand that. In New Hampshire weather can be tough and an injury can make that worse. Keeping yourself healthy and safe is your physical therapist’s first priority.

Nashua Physical Therapy

OPT Physical Therapy in Nashua NH does the best job helping you as a patient. With flexible schedules and quick scheduling, they can help you get your therapy in quickly. They also can help you heal your injuries and make them stronger with new techniques for each injury. Instead of just the basic stretches, OPT works with your body and finds the best stretches to heal you. You have the right to choose and doing your homework will help you to find the perfect physical therapist for you and your lifestyle. When you have to pay the bills, you want to get what you’re paying for.

Each physical therapist at OPT has attended advanced post graduate courses to offer treatment for a variety of therapeutic services.
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At OPT we pride ourselves on offering unmatched service and personalized care for all of our patients.
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