Your clear choice for personalized care and fast recovery

Your clear choice for personalized care and fast recovery


Will my insurance cover the costs of physical therapy?

All major insurances cover physical therapy. To see if we are a network provider with your insurance plan you can either call us, your insurance or visit your insurance’s website. We participate in all major insurance plans and will bill your insurance for you.

How soon can I schedule an appointment?

Our goal is to schedule your appointment within 24-48 hours of your inquiry.

Does OPT have convenient appointment times?

We have early morning (6:30am), lunch, after school and evening appointment times (as late as 7:00pm).

Do I need a referral for physical therapy?

In New Hampshire, physical therapists can treat a patient without a doctor’s referral. However, your insurance company may have certain requirements or restrictions for how you initiate physical therapy treatment. If you call the phone number on the back of your insurance card, your insurance representative could tell you whether or not you can refer yourself to physical therapy or need to obtain a prescription/insurance referral from a physician specialist or your primary care doctor. Our office staff can assist you with any questions you may have about your insurance coverage.

How can I determine my physical therapy benefits?

In order to determine what your benefits are you can call the member services or customer relations department of your insurance plan. This phone number can usually be found on your insurance identification card or by visiting the website for your insurance provider. The insurance representative you talk with will be able to tell you the details of your benefits. The following questions are useful in prompting the insurance representatives to give you complete information:

  1. Is OPT a network provider with my insurance?
  2. What is my copay?
  3. Do I have a deductible? If Yes, how much has been met?
  4. Do I have restrictions or limitations as far as the number and/or date range for my physical therapy visits?
  5. Do I need a PCP/Ins. Referral?
  6. Is there any pre-certification or pre-authorization required other than a referral?

By asking these questions you can learn how your benefits work. Take advantage of the services offered by your insurance. The information is available to you and can help you make choices regarding your physical therapy options.

How does OPT communicate with my doctor?

We send progress summaries at each doctor visit so the doctor is updated with regards to your progress regularly.

How often will I need to come for treatment?

Each patient is unique but with our focus on achieving results and helping you to have a home program, our average number of visits is 8 to 12 depending on your medical condition and healing.


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